• Ectopic Pregnancy

    Ectopic Pregnancy

    Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal condition that takes place outside the womb. The fetus does not develop at all and hence cannot survive in this type of pregnancy.This type of pregnancy starts when the pregnancy […]

  • Dercums Disease

    Dercums Disease

    Dercums Disease or Adiposis Dolorosa is a rare condition where the fatty deposits apply pressure to the nerves and result in pain and weakness. Different areas of the body may show swelling for no reason. […]

  • Dental Fluorosis

    Dental Fluorosis

    Dental fluorosis is a condition of the teeth where hypomineralization of the tooth enamel has taken place due to excess of fluoride while the teeth were developing. Mineralization of the permanent teeth except third molars […]

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis

    Deep Vein Thrombosis

    Deep venous thrombosis or DVT is a term used to describe the blood clot inside one of the major veins such as thighs, lower legs or pelvis. The clot in the vein blocks the circulation […]

  • Decubitus Ulcer

    Decubitus Ulcer

    Decubitus ulcer is a sore obtained as a result of pressure which is commonly known as bed sore. It can cause mild pink coloration of the skin which may disappear after a few hours once […]

  • DCIS


    Ductal carcinoma is a type of breast cancer which starts in the ducts of the breast which move the milk from the breast to the nipple. DCIS or ductal carcinoma in situ is a cancer […]

  • Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma

    Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma

    Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma known as MECs is a type of cancer in the salivary glands. This is rare type of cancer which comes in older age due to, too much of exposure in radiation, exposure to […]

  • Dacryocystitis


    Dacryocystitis is a condition where the lacrimal sac is infected. Lacrimal sac is located on the side of the nose near the eye’s inner corner. The tears from the eye are drained by the lacrimal […]

  • Cytoplasm


    Cytoplasm is the substance which fills the cells of an organism. Cytoplasm is a jelly-like substance which is comprised of 80% water and in colorless. It is like a thick gel, but liquefies when stirred […]

  • Cystic Hygroma

    Cystic Hygroma

    Cystic hygroma is a condition where a mass appears on the head and neck areas. This defect usually occurs from birth. This condition occurs when the baby is still inside the womb. Cystic hygroma develops […]

  • Cystic Acne

    Cystic Acne

    Cystic acne is a very serious form of acne vulgaris and is characterized by painful nodules or acne cysts. These cysts form due to the blockage of sebaceous gland which burst open introducing inflammation and […]

  • Circulatory System

    Circulatory System

    The circulatory system or the cardiovascular system is the system consisting of the heart, blood vessels and blood. The whole system is responsible for the transportation of blood. The cardiovascular system sends blood throughout the […]

  • Carcinoid


    Carcinoid is the group of symptoms that are related with carcinoid tumors. These tumors include tumors of colon, small intestine, bronchial tubes in the lungs and appendix. Carcinoid is the different symptoms observed in people […]

  • Pityriasis Alba

    Pityriasis Alba

    Pityriasis Alba (more commonly, PA) refers to a rather common skin disorder, found mostly among children and young adults, characterized as dry, undefined, scaly, and faint patches on the face (called pityriasis), upper arms, shoulders […]

  • Club Foot

    Club Foot

    Clubfoot (also known as Talipes equinovarus, or just Talipes) refers to the congenital condition when the foot turns in an inward and downward direction, mostly found in males. It may be mild and flexible condition, […]

  • Clubbing Finger

    Clubbing Finger

    Clubbing of the finger particularly denotes the changes in and around the fingernails; the phenomenon is similar in case of clubbing of toenails. The changes are visible in terms of softened nail beds instead of […]

  • Clostridium perfringens

    Clostridium perfringens

    Clostridium perfringers, previously termed as C. welchii), refers to a Gram-positive, anaerobic and spore-forming bacterium, arising from the Clostridium genus and in the shape of a rod. It is omnipresent in nature, and as a […]

  • Clinodactyly


    Clinodactyly denotes a bend or curvature of the little finger of the hand, adjacent to the fourth finger, due to an abnormal growth of the small bones inside. It generally goes unnoticed but may occur […]

  • Claw Hand

    Claw Hand

    Claw hand is a particular condition which causes bent or curved fingers of a person, making the hand appear similar to the claw of an animal. Claw hand is generally inhibited from the birth time […]

  • Anal Warts

    Anal Warts

    Anal Warts, mostly referred to as Condyloma Acuminata, are a specific condition affecting the area in and around the anus, and also the skin of the genital area at times. Anal warts are very tiny […]