• Basal Cancer

    Basal Cancer

    The Basal Cancer is the most usual form of skin cancer occurring on earth. This skin condition can make things look bad and it can even cause destruction in the process. However, there is no […]

  • Balantis


    The Balantis is a sort of a disease which usually takes place in the male genital system. The penis gets inflamed and there is glans penis. In such cases you may discern eruption on the […]

  • Barber’s Itch

    Barber’s Itch

    The other name for Barber’s itch is Folliculitis and this can take place anywhere on the skin surface. This condition takes place when the hair follicles get damaged by constant friction with clothing and it […]

  • Baker’s Cyst

    Baker’s Cyst

    The Baker’s Cyst is a kind of popliteal cyst and it can also be referred to as a benign swelling condition. It happens behind the knee joint where you can discover the semimembranous and even […]

  • Aphthous Ulcers

    Aphthous Ulcers

    The Aphthous Ulcers occurs inside the mouth and the other name for this disease is canker sore. It is a sort of a mouth ulcer and it occurs in form of a painful open sore. […]

  • Bacterial Perichondritis

    Bacterial Perichondritis

    The Bacterial Perichondritis is essentially a pain of the ear. When this takes place you can feel a tremendous discomfort in the ear. Along with this you may even suffer from fever and swelling of […]

  • Avascular Necrosis

    Avascular Necrosis

    The term Avascular Necrosis explains a condition of cellular death of the bone components because of a discontinuation in the supply of blood. Without the essential blood content there is a death of the bone […]

  • Atrophy


    The term Atrophy is used in denoting complete or partial wastage of the body. This is mainly caused due to mutations during which the gene which helps in the building up of the organs is […]

  • Athlete’s Feet

    Athlete’s Feet

    The Athlete’s Feet is also known as the ringworm of the feet and it is a sort of fungal infection of the skin. Due to this skin disorder one may suffer from scaling, itching and […]

  • Asteatotic Eczema

    Asteatotic Eczema

    The Asteatotic Eczema is a sort of an eruption which can be caused in the generalized or the localised area of the human skin. It gives way to a kind of puritic, cracked, dry and […]

  • Asbestos


    The Asbestos is a kind of silicate mineral and they are being extensively commercially used because of their varied properties. This is one of the most well known naturally occurring mineral and they even consist […]

  • Argyll Robertson Pupil

    Argyll Robertson Pupil

    The Argyll Robertson Pupil are known to be bilateral small sized pupils which can get constricted when a person forcefully tries to discern nearby objects. However, they do not do the same in bright light […]

  • Arachnodactyly


    The Arachnodactyly is also known as spiders fingers and in this case the fingers look abnormally long when compared to the size of the palm. This ailment is also known by the name of achromachia […]

  • Bartholin’s cyst

    Bartholin’s cyst

    The Bartholin’s cyst occurs when the concerned gland gets blocked due to some reason or the other and in consequence a fluid filled cyst takes place making the condition worse and painful. This skin condition  […]

  • Balanoposthitis


    Balanoposthitis is mainly a disease caused in dogs. It happens due to a disruption in the integumentary system and in this case a wound or an intrusion takes place due to a foreign body. When […]

  • Bad Acne

    Bad Acne

    The Bad acne is a really painful condition. It occurs in form of painful pustules and they may also appear in form of deep cysts. If you keep this condition untreated for long then you […]

  • Baby Acne

    Baby Acne

    When a baby is born for the first time he or she may suffer the consequences of the contaminated atmosphere to which they are being directly exposed to. As a result they may develop rashes […]

  • Autoimmune uveitis

    Autoimmune uveitis

    The Autoimmune uveitis is a treatable sort of a disease and in this case you need to make use of systematic immunomodulatory medication which will prevent the condition from getting more acute. Corticosteroid is the […]

  • Atopic Dermatitis

    Atopic Dermatitis

    The Atopic dermatitis is a kind of eczema and scientifically it is referred to as the chronically happening non contagious and pruritic kind of skin infection. The condition relapses each time making you feel utterly […]

  • Argiria


    When the skin is discoloured you are said to suffer from a condition called Argiria. Other organs and tissues in the patient are also greatly affected. The colour of the skin turns blue and the […]