Acne Type


Acne has been the commonest of all skin-related diseases, resulting from a disorder of oil glands in the skin and reflecting on the T-zone – face, neck, shoulders, chest and back. Many people suffer from constant outbreaks of acne throughout their lives. Acne is generally caused due to factors like oily skin or hair, hormonal imbalance, wrong use of cosmetics containing chemicals, stressful periods, nutritional deficiencies and heredity.Prominent acne types include Acne Vulgaris, Acne Rosacea, Perioral Dermatitis and Acne Excoriee des Jeunes Filles. Acne may lead to hair loss, excessive hair growth and weight gain in the upper body of women.

Acne Type Acne Type Acne Type Acne Type Acne Type Acne Type

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