Aphthous Ulcers


The Aphthous Ulcers occurs inside the mouth and the other name for this disease is canker sore. It is a sort of a mouth ulcer and it occurs in form of a painful open sore. You can even find this on the upper throat area which is caused by a kind of break in the mucus membrane. No one knows the cause of canker sore but the good news is that it is not infectious.Aphthous Ulcers can be recurrent and in such cases it is known by a specific name of aphthous stomatitis and alternatively it may also be known as Sutton’s Disease. This is a sort of an ulcer and when caused inside the mouth can cause immense problem in eating.

Aphthous Ulcers Aphthous Ulcers Aphthous Ulcers Aphthous UlcersAphthous Ulcers Aphthous Ulcers

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