Carcinoid is the group of symptoms that are related with carcinoid tumors. These tumors include tumors of colon, small intestine, bronchial tubes in the lungs and appendix. Carcinoid is the different symptoms observed in people with carcinoid tumors. These people suffer from rare tumors which grow slowly. Carcinoid tumors are mostly found (about 70%) in the gastrointestinal tract.A lot of hormone serotonin along with several other chemicals is released by these tumors which causes the dilation of the blood vessels.Carcinoid tumors do not have any symptoms, however when they do occur they include

• Diarrhea
• Wheezing
• Bright red flushing of neck, upper chest and face
• Low blood pressure
• Abdominal pain

Carcinoid Carcinoid Carcinoid Carcinoid Carcinoid Carcinoid

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