Corneal Ulcer


A corneal ulcer (or ulcerative keratitis) is referred to as an infective condition of the cornea, with an open sore that overlies the iris, the colored part of the eye. It is grayish or whitish appearing on the transparent cornea. This is a very common condition prevalent in the tropical and the agrarian regions. Children with deficiencies of Vitamin A stand at high chances of getting corneal ulcer and even lifelong blindness, particularly in developing countries. Corneal ulcers are very painful owing to nerve exposure, and may also cause tearing, squinting and loss of vision to the eye. There could also be symptoms of anterior uvetis like small pupil, aqueous flare and redness of the eye.

Corneal Ulcer Corneal Ulcer Corneal Ulcer Corneal Ulcer Corneal Ulcer

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