Decubitus Ulcer


Decubitus ulcer is a sore obtained as a result of pressure which is commonly known as bed sore. It can cause mild pink coloration of the skin which may disappear after a few hours once the pressure is relieved from the affected area. The wound may sometimes extend to the bone and to internal organs through bones.Pressure is one of the main causes for decubitus ulcer. However, it can also occur from the friction obtained by rubbing the body against things such as brace, cast, bed sheet etc or from exposure to cold for a long time. An area of tissue just above the bone is more prone to develop a decubitus ulcer. Some areas prone to this ulcer are hips, spine, elbows, heels etc.

Decubitus Ulcer Decubitus Ulcer Decubitus Ulcer Decubitus Ulcer Decubitus UlcerDecubitus Ulcer

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