The term ‘Diseases’ is referred as an abnormal condition caused in any organism or more precisely ‘Disease in Humans’ means any condition that causes pain, distress, problems in several human body parts, or even death to the infected person. Diseases can be of different types such as infectious disease, non-infectious disease, autoimmune disease e.t.c. Diseases normally hampers the normal functions of a living organism such as infections, disorders, syndromes, deviant behaviour e.t.c. Commonly referred diseases are infectious diseases which are caused by bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses. Sometimes these viruses do not affect immediately but can be active later causing harm and impairment of normal functioning. Non-infectious diseases include some forms of cancers and genetic disease. Most of the diseases can be cured but some diseases are uncontrollable. Vaccination, immunization, medicines, injections and several distinct therapies and cleanliness are the most conventional way to cure diseases and to spread it further.

Diseases Diseases Diseases Diseases Diseases Diseases

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