Humerus refers to a long bone inside the arm or forelimb running from the shoulder onto the elbow. In the human anatomy, the humerus connects the lower arm and the scapula, and contains three sections. The upper extremity comprises a round-shaped yet narrow neck, and two tubercles or tuberosities (short processes). The body is basically cylindrical towards its upper portion and more prismatic downwards. The lower extremity comprises two epicondyles, two processes called trochlea and capitulum, and three fossae – radial fossa, olecranon fossa and coronoid fossa. Along with its try anatomical neck, the restriction below the lesser and greater tubercles is termed as the surgical neck of the humerus for its propensity to get fractured often and thus becoming the subject of surgeons.

Humerus Humerus Humerus Humerus Humerus Humerus

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