Hydatidiform Mole


A hydatidiform mole is referred to as an occasional growth of mass inside the uterus during the initial stage of a pregnancy. It is more commonly considered a kind of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD). Such molar pregnancy may be caused due to excessive generation of the tissue that was required to develop into the placenta. It is the placenta that is responsible for feeding a fetus at the time of pregnancy. At such a condition, the tissues make an abnormal growth called a mass or Hydatidiform mole. There are two kinds of molar pregnancy, partial and complete. A partial molar pregnancy depicts an abnormal placenta with some fetal development, while a complete molar pregnancy indicates no fetus and an abnormal placenta.

Hydatid Mole Hydatid Mole Hydatid Mole Hydatid Mole Hydatid Mole Hydatid Mole

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