Pilar Cyst


Trichilemmal cyst or the pillar cyst is a growth that forms from the follicle of the hair and are generally filled with fluid which is nothing but Keratin, a protein that is found in the skin, nails and hair. This is sometimes hereditary and grows very rapidly on the head scalp. This rapid multiplication is uncontrollable and they are mostly benign and non cancerous. The external root sheath of the hair is the root cause of this cyst. The most preferred place of the cyst growth is the place where there is high concentration of the hair follicles. It is normally in form of cysts and it grows very rare into tumor known as proliferating trichilemmal cyst which needs surgical treatment.

Pilar Cyst Pilar Cyst Pilar Cyst Pilar Cyst Pilar Cyst Pilar Cyst

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