Skin Cells


The skin the most essential part of a human body as it forms its protective layer. This skin is made up tiny structure known as Skin Cells. The skin is the largest organ of the body and it is made up of five layers of cells. The Stratum corneum is the outer part of the skin which keeps the outer surface of the skin waterproof. The soles of the feet are made up of translucent stratum lucidum as it saves the other layers from friction. Stratum Granulosum produces and distributes the keratin and lipids to the cells for maintaining the water balance of the cells. The Stratum Spinosum is the cell that can undergo mitosis and synthesize keratin. The stratum basale is the cell at the bottom layer and are commonly known as renewing cells of the skin.

Skin Cells Skin Cells Skin Cells Skin Cells Skin Cells Skin Cells

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