Bell’s Palsy


Bell ’s palsy is a condition where the nerves controlling the facial muscles get injured or stop working altogether thus making these muscles weak or paralyzed. The commonly observed symptoms in Bell ’s palsy is drooping eyelid, weakness of the mouth or muscles from one side or drooling from one side. The main cause of Bell’s palsy is the inflammation or the nerves of the face. This inflammation affects the nerves of one side of the face and causes it to swell. The nerves as well as the blood vessels must travel along a congested area surrounded by the facial bones. When the nerve swells, it gets compressed and its protective covering gets damaged causing the nerve to become dysfunctional thus causing paralysis or weakness in one side of the face.

Bell's Palsy Bell's Palsy Bell's Palsy Bell's Palsy Bell's Palsy Bell's Palsy

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