Cecum Picture


Cecum or Caecum is a large tubelike structure or pouch located in the lower abdominal cavity. The cecum is the first region in the large intestine which receives undigested food from the small intestine. The theileocecal valve separates the cecum from ileum that limits the rate of food passing into the cecum. This helps in preventing the material from coming back to the small intestine.
The primary function of the cecum is to absorb salts and fluids after the process of digestion and absorption. It also mixes the food contents with a lubricating material called mucus. The thick layer of mucus on the internal wall of the cecum absorbs the water and salt. There is a deep layer of muscle tissue beneath the mucus lining that is responsible for churning and kneading.

Cecum Picture Cecum Picture Cecum Picture Cecum Picture Cecum Picture Cecum Picture

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