Chlamydia Virus


This Chlamydia Virus is a type of inflation of the arthritis in the case of women and the tip of the penis in the case of men. This type of virus does not have any external scars but only swelling occurs in both male and female organs. This causes internal injuries. This virus does not have any physical sign actually except the redness and swelling in the affected area. It mainly occurs in two section of the body. One is arthritis and another is penis. That is why it is quite difficult to tell a person whether the person is suffering from Chlamydia or not. Those women who are pregnant and have Chlamydia Virus also infect their new born babies. The baby will either suffer from pneumonia or severe eye problem.

Chlamydia Virus Chlamydia Virus Chlamydia Virus Chlamydia Virus Chlamydia VirusChlamydia Virus

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