Colon Cleanse


Colon Cleanse or Cleansing is a composite of many alternative medical therapies that are geared towards removing feces and non-specific toxins from the intestinal tract and the colon. Also termed as colon therapy, colon cleanse may serve as colon hydrotherapy or oral cleaning regimens like dietary supplements. A solid matter is used to cleanse the colon; along with a treatment of liquid foods, followed by complete bowel irrigation the very next day is performed. It is generally practiced by people before surgery, colonoscopy or similar procedures. It is believed that the buildup of putrefied faces line the large intestinal walls, which hosts parasites or pathogenic gut flora that paves way for non-specific symptoms and ill health.

Colon Cleanse Colon Cleanse Colon Cleanse Colon Cleanse Colon Cleanse  Colon Cleanse

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