When a male is unable to retract the foreskin over the glans penis then this symptom is termed as Phimosis. This non-retractibility phase is considered from the childhood till adolescence but if the problem persists till adulthood then it has to be taken care of. At the time of birth the foreskin is attached to the penis and in case of infants this generally happens due to inflammation of the penis or the narrowness of the foreskin that prevents the retraction. This results in pain during urination and also ballooning of the foreskin that may cause discomfort and sometimes blockage of urination.In adults practicing masturbation unusually may cause retraction problem. In some males they are able to move foreskin partially and some are unable to retract at all. This problem in the adults is more severe than the children and in some cases is caused by the infection in the foreskin due to diabetes, repeated catheterization and chronic inflammation.

Phimosis Phimosis Phimosis Phimosis Phimosis Phimosis

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