Skin Boil


An infection may be due to hair follicle resulting to a painful area that is swollen and full of infected tissue and pus is called as Skin Boil. This is caused by infection of a virus named Staphylococcus and they exist either in single or in pairs in some cases in clusters in the cells of the body. This virus is capable of clotting the blood by producing an enzyme called coagulase. Most the infections are caused for the coagulation of the blood. Boils are bumpy red colored lumps full of pus and the size may differ from a pea to golf ball. The center is filled with pus and is white in color which is visible when ready to drain. Patient may suffer from fever, fatigue and swollen lymph due to boil infection.

Skin Boil Skin Boil Skin Boil Skin Boil Skin Boil Skin Boil

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